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Private Jet Charters


Challenger 850


The Challenger 850 aircraft gives exceptional comfort, flexibility, and an overall impressive cabin experience. This aircraft has a tried-and-true airframe and proven all-around performance that is unbeatable. The Challenger 850 is an ideal executive jet for larger capacity travel but still maintains the spatial components of the airliner. However, the real appeal is that the 850 performs similar to a smaller, faster business jet, even with all of its fascinating accommodations. A redesign allows the aircraft to complete long-range travel efficiently and is known for its superior reliability and speed; the Challenger 850 is a luxury in its own.

Falcon 2000 DX 


The Falcon 2000 DX is the ideal executive jet to serve as your comfortable and luxurious airborne office for you to be able to interact with your colleagues and get work done during your private flight. This well-appointed executive jet allows you to stand-up and walk around, simply relax on the large plush seating, or check out the view from any of the nine windows per side that fill the cabin with natural light. This aircraft features a private lavatory and dressing room, full galley, and large baggage area that is accessible anytime in-flight. Offering exceptional speed and fuel economy this executive jet can climb to 37,000 feet in 16 minutes. The Falcon 2000 DX is an efficient and lavish way to fly private.

Falcon 900



The Falcon 900 gives you and your guests more room for your overseas flights than most other business jets. The seats can be combined to make a bed, and they can also swivel and fully recline for your comfort. At the touch of a button, the seats of the Falcon 900 can be moved and the cabin rearranged to accommodate as many as 19 passengers. Walk-around headroom, a private lavatory, a full galley and plenty of baggage space add to the amenities. The high-performance Falcon 900 steers you away from the inconveniences of fuel stops and is a remarkably efficient solution for your private air travel.

Legacy 600


The Legacy 600 allows you and your guests to have the luxury of lots of standing headroom in three cabin compartments. It is known to be one of the most versatile aircrafts in the world and is a great solution for your travels, particularly where longer routes are required. This exceptionally powerful high performance jet is not only extremely efficient but in fact environmentally friendly due to its reduced emissions. Despite its power, you and your colleagues or guests can enjoy a quiet cabin environment for your entire flight.

Gulfstream 550



The Gulfstream G550 accommodates up to 19 passengers depending on its seating configuration and features a private lavatory, full galley, three temperature zones, and the capacity for storing all luggage that you could possibly need. You and your guests can enjoy comfort and luxury aboard this well-appointed executive jet which features plenty of walk-around headroom, plush club seating and separate living areas. This unique aircraft flies smoothly in all weather conditions and can function at an extremely high altitude enough to avoid air traffic congestion. Whether your trip is for work or leisure, the Gulfstream G550 is the perfect jet for your traveling needs and provides exceptional performance.

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