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Drive a supercar without any limits

                                        Exotic racing provides everything you need to experience the supcar thrill of a lifetime

Treat yourself with privileged access to our racetracks and become VIP member of our supercars community. 


There is no substitute


Whether driving a Porsche has always been something you’ve wanted to do, you’re looking to improve your driving skills, or even just compare Porsche vehicles, our 4 mile driver development track will serve as your playground. We offer eight different driving modules designed to simulate everyday driving conditions and provide more challenging environments to experience the thrill of driving Porsche sports cars. Our team of Porsche Drive Coaches work one-to-one with you, providing you personalized attention and bespoke programs.

There's More To Porsche Than Driving

When you visit the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles, we have many different options to ensure a truly unique experience. When you aren’t being thrilled on the track or delighting you palate at Restaurant 917, we have a variety of other options to ensure a well-rounded experience.

Meetings With A Lasting Impression

The Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles offers eight different meeting rooms ranging from four guests for a small brainstorming session to 160 guests for a larger meeting. Most of our meeting rooms are set up with the most current audio visual technology. Ceiling mounted projectors and drop down screens are available in our larger conference rooms. Our meeting rooms come equipped with monitors, projectors, microphones, conference call capabilities and much more. Having your next meeting at our stunning facility is sure to get the creative juices flowing.  

Fine Dining With A Touch Of Adrenaline

Porsche 917 Restaurant

Located on the second level of the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles, with stunning views of the driver development track, Restaurant 917’s sleek and modern setting echoes Porsche’s world-class design aesthetic. The name and decor were inspired by the legendary 917 racecar, which gave Porsche its first overall wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. Restaurant 917’s refined yet approachable seasonal menu is composed of ingredient-driven dishes that merge diverse flavors, inventive techniques, and playful compositions. A unique fine-dining experience worthy of a special trip or serving as the perfect finish to an adrenaline-packed day, it is also an unforgettable venue for special celebrations and meetings.

Speedster Café

Just a few feet from the track, Speedster Café offers grab-and-go breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, and soups. All are freshly made from scratch. Slow down and enjoy your lunch at one of the two dozen inside or outside tables while watching the action, or hit the road with them. Need to refuel? Speedster offers espresso and coffee drinks.

 53 Acre Playground

  • The handling course designed to mimic a country road with a number of corners and undulations.

  • The Handling Circuit has been designed not as a race track but as a challenging country road. Using the contours of the land, we have created a flowing series of corners and undulations that all offer very different challenges for both car and driver.

  • The Kick Plate is a computer-controlled hydraulic plate set flush to the road surface is designed to induce loss of rear wheel traction, putting the car into a skid or spin.

  • Ice Hill has a 7% slope, computer-controlled water jets and a low friction surface. A combination which provides a unique and challenging scenario to test even the most experienced of drivers.

  • The Low Friction Circle consists of highly polished concrete on a wet surface that in turn creates an ideal environment to provoke, correct and hold oversteer all at speeds which enable you to build an understanding of car dynamics.

  • The Low friction handling course consists of a polished concrete surface with many curves to provide a situation where a vehicle can be placed in an oversteer condition.

  • The Off Road course is designed to show how the technical systems on the Porsche Cayenne works in off-road conditions. Offering 40 degree declines and ascents, rough terrain and unfeasible side slopes name just a few obstacles.

  • The Acceleration Straight provides a safe and controlled environment to fully explore how a Porsche accelerates using launch control with an added twist. Near the end of the nearly 3/4 mile straight, a replica of the Karussell (Carousel), the famous banked curve on the Nordschleife (North Loop) of the Nürburgring, is awaiting for your enthralling g-force experience.

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