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Santa Barbara Wine Tours

At Elite Lux Life, we pride ourselves on providing unique experiences for our VIP’s.

One such experience is the wine tasting tour in California’s Riviera. Santa Barbara and Ventura counties offer not only gorgeous weather and climate, but also the most world-class wines that California has to offer.

Our tours range from simply arranging your day and/or stay in the area, to picking you up in a chauffeured luxury vehicle and escorting your party from vineyard to vineyard.



Air Bound Elite

For the air bound Elite, we offer the finest in Luxury VIP service from Van Nuys airport via helicopter to Santa Inez Winery, where you will be met upon landing at the winery, and escorted to your catered or chef prepared feast made exclusively for you. The tour begins here and returns 8 hours later back en route to Van Nuys. Unless of course, you choose to stay for an exclusive Bacara Resort & Spa treat. We will deliver you to paradise at the world renowned Bacara, then whisk you away for more wine tasting after brunch.

We visit only the top producers and wineries whose bottles won’t be found on grocery store shelves. But you may spot them on the finest of wine lists.

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