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villa operations

Every guest of Elite Trousdale Villa is given a tour of the property to show you your villa's ins and outs. During your stay, if you require any assistance with your villa please do not hesitate to contact your complimentary assigned client ambassador. 


Gate code is #1471 

Wifi is “EliteLuxLife” and the password is “4LUXLIFE” 

Entertainment for Media room and music are operated via the Home Control App CONTROL 

To Log in to Control4, first download the app in your device’s app store.

User Name:

Password: 4LUXLIFE 

The media room TV is controlled by using the Control4 app From the menu, Select WATCH . You will then see options for CABLE (television), APPLE TV, SONY BRAVIA, (Netflix, Hulu, Facebook Video, SonySelect, Amazon Video, Google Play, YouTube, and other entertainment apps. And Xbox. Netflix movies are free. Any others movies purchased will be billed to guest. 

Speakers may also be controlled by using the Control4 app. 

From the menu, Select LISTEN. You will then see options for TUNE IN, PANDORA, CONTROL AIRPLAY, AND XBOX ONE. 

To sync to Music, you must first be signed in to a music application. If you would like to use your device to play audio in your own device, choose the CONTROL AIRPLAY option from your device, not the Villa ipad. 


The Bedroom TVs have cable with a Spectrum remote. This remote is all you need to change channels and volume. 


Pool service comes every Saturday. 

Trash/recycling comes Thursday mornings. 

Pool is not heated unless requested, Pool heating is an additional $100. Per day. Pool heating Instructions will be given at check-in 

There is an ironing board in laundry area and a hair dryer in each of bathrooms. 


Washer and Dryer are front loading, with laundry supplies stored in pedestals under the machines. 


Beach/Pool towels are in right cuppord above the laundry machines. Bath/Shower Towels are in left cuppord above machines. 

 Blankets and extras are in center cuppord above machines. 


Master bath jacuzzi operation: Please FILL THE TUB above the water stream holes before selecting the jet button on left of tub. This is an auto cleaning jet tub. Do not be alarmed when you hear the Jacuzzi turn on 15-20 minutes after the water has drained. It will stop in a few minutes. 


The AC would be an additional charge for power usage as this could be costly. Approximately $500 per day. There are 3 AC Units all with fairly self explanatory instructions.


Swimming Pool is not fenced. There is a Pool alarm, which activates a loud siren outside and through the monitor , which may be placed anywhere in the home. The siren will sound when anyone enters the pool, unless switched to the off or swim position. To turn on the alarm. position lever to SURVILLENCE. To swim, position the lever to SWIM. To leave the alarm off, position the lever to OFF. 

Outdoor areas are to be used for your quiet enjoyment. Music should not be loud. Gathering outside until into the evening is fine. No amplified music is allowed.

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